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Card: Because of good-hearted people like you, this world is a nicer place. I hope all of the good you do comes back to you. Thank you so much. Excellent work!
– Violet.

Stacy: Thank you for all you did to defend me. My child is protected now thanks to your hard work.
– Candice B.

Stacy: I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. It has been such a stressful and emotional time for me but you made it simple and as pain free as possible. I can’t even express to you how much it means to me. All of the time and money, there are not works that can tell you how thankful I am. You are such a kind, compassionate, generous person. I do believe in good karma and that no good deed goes unnoticed! Thanks
– Jennifer

My ex-husband (bipolar I + severe alcoholic) left Maryland for 2 years and abruptly returned, demanding to resume visitation with my son. To protect my son, I sought a child custody attorney and was referred to Stacy Talbott. She did a fantastic job of opposing my ex-husband’s outlandish case, while also controlling costs. My ex-husband’s attorneys dropped their fallacious suit against me and we settled out of court, with virtually all of my originally desired protective provisions in place.
– Anonymous

Thanks to Mrs. Talbott and Mrs. Michelle, they helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life. I’m happy that God chose the right lawyer for me as I had absolutely no idea how to find one by myself. Despite the fact that the separation/divorce was painful, interacting with the two of them helped me stay positive. I recommend Mrs. Talbott for anyone that I care for.
– Anonymous

Just wanted to let you both know just how thankful I am for all you are doing. I am very pleased! Have a great weekend.
– Frank G.

Card: Most folks don’t go out of their way to do things for others. Thank goodness you aren’t most folks. “ I just wanted to thank you for helping me turn my life around last year.
– Alan S.

Stacy, following a mutual detailed review of the Court Decision of July 10, we were astounded how closely the rendered Court decision adhered to the brilliant contents of your recent memorandum. We congratulate you on the win and are most grateful.
– Frank

I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for your kind thoughtfulness. As a much appreciated gift, we want to give you something to always remember us. We hope you like our choice of something you will cherish. Wear it with our love, prayers for happy life and always remember you have always been a very special person in my heart.
– Josephine W.

Ms. Talbott & Michele – Thank you so much for your support and patience with me on the XXXXX case. Being a newbie is difficult, but you made it easier with your patience. Thank you.
– Lisa R.

Thank you so very much for meeting with me and xxxxx. You were a big help in getting her started down this difficult road. Once again a GIANT thank you.
– Karen

My warmest congratulations for your victory in the Appeals court. Your leadership and overall legal analysis and decisions have been inspiring. I regret being a more active participant of these latter years. I wish you continued success which I am most commenced will come will come to a person as talented and forthright as you have so ably demonstrated and much appreciated.
– Frank G.

Card: “What an Achievement” …My father , my brother, my daughter, my son and I are eternally grateful to you for winning this case. Thank you with all of my heart for working so diligently on this case. You never gave up. Thanks, also, for putting up with me as this was so emotional for me. You WON! Love always and deepest appreciation.
– Maureen H.

Dear Stacy and Michele, On occasion of this memorable and inspiring season, let me wish the very best in health and happiness to tow wonderful persons who have supported Maureen and I through some real troubled times, with the good Lord willing, let us pray that a successful conclusion is now at hand. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year.
– Anonymous

Dear Stacy, Thank you for all your fine work in helping me through the divorce process. Your professional demeanor, your thoughtful approach to issues and your always clear and patient explanations all contributed to a better outcome for us. Your counsel is much appreciated. I’ll gladly recommend you to anyone facing divorce. I’m grateful.
– Anonymous

Stacy, I write to you as an advocate for the collaborative divorce process. After twenty-five years of marriage, I came to you upset and unaware of the legal process of divorce. You patiently answered my questions and after one meeting, I knew you were the person to guide me through this. Together, XXXX and I agreed to the guidelines of Collaborative Law and thus began the decision making process. I liked the fact that both of us had our own legal representation present. The rules were made clear from the beginning. I think that was so helpful to keep a cooperative atmosphere at such an emotional time. When we needed financial advice, you recommended a consultant that worked with us to assess our situation. It covered many details in an organized way which helped keep time and cost down. I had a lot of hurt feelings to overcome and your professional and confident guidance helped me stay focused on the contract and my well-being. My first meeting with you was March 27, 2006 and ended January 5, 2007 with the settlement agreement signed. It was a difficult process for me, but looking back I have no regrets and most of all, I’m glad you were there with me. Best Regards.
– Joanne

Stacy, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I could never express in words what this has meant to me. My little girl is so important to me, she is my whole world and I love her to death. You have graciously helped me protect her by helping me gain custody of her. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and I could never thank you enough. This fear of someone being able to have my daughter that was not me, has been with me since I was pregnant. However, step by step you lead me through the correct process and let me ask the same questions a 100x just so I could be reassured everything would be okay. Thank you for everything again. I will forever be grateful for your kindness and patience.
– Jordan P.