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Child Custody Attorney Rockville, Maryland

Counseling parents on legal custody and physical custody in Rockville, MD

When it comes to their children, the uncertainty that divorcing parents face can be especially stressful. The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott works to identify your parenting goals and implement creative solutions that preserve your right to a close, nurturing relationship with your children. Her clear understanding of Maryland child custody law is key in establishing a parenting plan that balances the rights of both parents with the best interests of their children.

Legal custody refers to the process of decision making. In joint legal custody, both parents are involved in the decisions related to their children. In sole legal custody, one parent makes the decisions for the children, often in consultation with the other parent.

Physical custody refers to the residence of the children. In shared physical custody, the children are living with both parents with a time-sharing ratio between 65/35 to 50/50. When a parent has primary physical custody, the children reside primarily with that parent.

Hybrid custody arrangements include:

  • Joint legal custody with primary physical custody allows both parents to make major decisions on their children’s health, education and religion, but day-to-day decisions, such as types of activities, are made by the primary residential custodian.
  • Joint legal custody with tie-breaking authority gives both parents the power to make decisions, but one parent has the final decision-making authority on issues where they cannot agree. Often a system is set up for the parents to meet with a mediator or parent coordinator before the final decision can be exercised.

Selecting your most appropriate child custody schedule

The best child custody arrangement is the one that best serves your lifestyle, your commitment to parenting and the best interests of your children. Parents who have primarily been breadwinners may find it unnatural or impractical to become custodial parents and may be better suited to a joint legal custody-visitation arrangement. Others may be willing and able to modify their work schedules to assume custodial duties. Ms. Talbott assists clients in taking inventory of their past practices and current commitments to design an appropriate custody arrangement that addresses all foreseeable parenting issues. Of course, a change in a parent’s work schedule has to be balanced with commitments to child support. Ms. Talbott is also a skilled child support attorney.

Contact a reliable Rockville child custody attorney

To discuss your concerns over access to your children after divorce, call The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott in Rockville at 301-637-8527 or contact the firm online.