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How Much Does Divorce Cost in MD?

A knowledgeable and pragmatic Rockville attorney who keeps you informed and prepared

In general, the cost of divorce in Rockville, Maryland depends on the specific details of your family situation. At the low end of the scale, ending a short-term marriage with few assets and no children involves relatively minimal expenses. At the opposite end, a high-asset, contentious divorce can carry significant costs. Whether your circumstances fall at the low end, the high end or somewhere in the middle, The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott believes your divorce should carry no financial surprises. With more than three decades of experience guiding individuals through all types of divorce, Ms. Talbott can accurately predict the expenses associated with your case. Furthermore, she can help you plan for contingencies and keeps you informed if new issues arise that should alter your costs.

Court costs and fees

Determining the precise court costs and fees depends on the specific issues the court will handle in your particular divorce. In general, The Maryland Circuit Courts maintain a complex fee schedule, but most fees are relatively nominal.

Court costs typically depend on the amount of time the courts must devote to your case. Since an uncontested divorce represents little more than an administrative proceeding, you can expect the costs to be significantly less than those charged for contested divorce.

Attorney fees

Most individuals face a period of economic uncertainty as they move toward new lives in single-income households. Ms. Talbott understands your concerns and offers affordable fees. When you choose her as your attorney, she remains forthcoming about the costs of her services, and informs you promptly if any additional services require further fees along the way.

Other possible expenses

You may incur additional expenses based on the specific issues related to your divorce, such as the following:

  • Expert witness testimony, which may be essential to supporting your case in a contested divorce
  • Retaining professionals such as divorce coaches or financial consultants to assist with negotiations in a collaborative divorce
  • Hiring auditors or accountants to accurately assess complex financial circumstances, such as a family business

Every situation is unique and may require special expenses, but Ms. Talbott always makes sure you know the anticipated expenses so you can make educated decisions that help keep your finances under control.

Contact an affordable Rockville MD divorce attorney

If you have financial concerns associated with pursuing divorce, The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott can work with you to help control costs throughout the process. To discuss all issues of your divorce, including the costs, call 301-637-8527 or contact her office online.