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Developing Parenting Plans Acceptable to Maryland Courts

Skilled Rockville lawyer who balances the needs of parents, children and the courts

One common challenge parents face during divorce is determining the precise details of child custody and visitation. Conflicts frequently arise when developing a parenting plan that honors both parents’ work schedules and their children’s curricular and extracurricular schedules while simultaneously allowing for flexibility. The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott has more than three decades of experience helping parents develop effective parenting plans that are acceptable to all parties involved, including the courts.

How a parenting plan helps the entire family

Children thrive in the comfort of consistency, particularly after going through the emotional trauma of their parents’ divorce. Knowing what to expect from day to day and seeing their parents demonstrate a cooperative spirit helps them easily relax into the inevitable changes they face after their parents finalize a divorce.

Parents need to address countless details in order to provide the consistency the children need while considering the practical issues of a new child custody arrangement. Ms. Talbott understands the mix of structure and flexibility parents need to develop effective parenting plans. With her help, parents focus on the details up-front so they have a detailed roadmap they can easily reference when issues arise.

The components of an acceptable parenting plan

Every family has its own unique circumstances — from the employment considerations that affect visitation schedules, to the ability of the parents to maintain a cordial relationship in front of their children. Figuring out how to reach agreement on all these vital details can be overwhelming to parents during an emotionally charged time.

The sample parenting agreement offered online by the Montgomery County Circuit Court illustrates the items that typically need addressing in order to for a parenting plan to receive approval. These include the following:

  • Physical custody and detailed visitation schedules that includes holidays and vacations, as well as directions for how to communicate necessary changes
  • Legal custody, including how parents plan to share in the decision-making process as it pertains to the most important issues
  • Family communications, including sharing contact information, scheduling regular parental conversations to discuss important issues pertaining to the children, as well as encouraging regular communication with children and keeping them away from personal issues between the parents
  • What to do if a parent relocates, including requiring advance notification of a move and determining how to re-negotiate the parenting plan to best accommodate the move

Contact a detail-oriented Rockville MD legal team today

All family members fare best when a detailed parenting plan is in place that addresses all matters likely to arise after divorce. Stacy Blondes Talbot, Attorney at Law has the skills and experience needed to develop an effective plan. To schedule an appointment at her conveniently located Rockville office, call 301-637-8527 or contact her office online.