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Montgomery County lawyer assists with limited divorce

Some couples choose limited divorce or legal separation because religious, financial or other reasons make absolute divorce undesirable or impractical. For example, one consequence of absolute divorce is to cancel health insurance coverage from a spouse’s policy. Legal separation allows that coverage to continue. Separation can also serve as a trial period while couples discover whether they can resolve their differences. The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott helps you determine whether separation best suits your needs and then helps you achieve a comprehensive legal separation agreement that lays the foundation for a later uncontested divorce.

Legal separation in Bethesda, Maryland

In many states, legal separation refers to a signed separation agreement that sets terms such as stipulations regarding child custody, child support, alimony and property division. In Maryland, it is not necessary to file for legal separation. The husband and wife must simply live apart, in separate residences, for one year.

If the wife and husband are unable to reach an agreement during the separation period and need immediate relief from the court, then a party can file for a limited divorce during the separation period. The limited divorce can be based upon:

  • Separation
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Excessively vicious conduct

Tailoring an effective and fair separation agreement

When you sit down with Ms. Talbott to review your situation, she helps you weigh the pros and cons of obtaining a separation or limited divorce. She discusses in depth your reasons and objectives for considering separation and the practicality of moving forward with a separation agreement. Afterward, you can select the approach most suited to your circumstances: traditional negotiation, mediation, a collaborative divorce process or litigation.

Personalized service from a concerned Bethesda attorney

As your Bethesda attorney, Ms. Talbott always keeps your best interests in mind. While remaining compassionate regarding your situation, she will advocate your rights as aggressively as necessary to achieve an acceptable and durable separation agreement. You receive personalized attention and have direct contact with your lawyer. Ms. Talbott explains the process, answers your questions and keeps you apprised of all progress.

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To discuss any issues related to limited divorce or legal separation, schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation with The Law Office of Stacy B. Talbott. Call the firm at 301-637-8527 or contact her Bethesda office online.

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